About us

Learn a little bit about Libby and Ella!
  • Libby Bonner

    Hey y’all, my name is Libby and I am so glad that you are here! My husband, Trenton, and I have two beautiful children, Blakely (3) and Barrett (1). We live right outside of the DFW metroplex and you will likely find us exploring with the kids at the park, zoo or aquarium. In February, I attended IF gathering and started really trying to figure out what God was empowering me to do. Since then, I have taken a step of obedience from the Lord and stepped away from my teaching career to faithfully pursue what God has placed on my heart. He just keeps reminding me that because of Jesus we are called to go out and shine our lights to the world. While I love Jesus and want to share Him to everyone I know, that is a big task in which I had no idea where to start. As my kids were wearing clothing and people would stop to ask us where it was from or tell me how cute my kiddos were, it hit me! A t-shirt company is the perfect idea to spark a conversation about how great OUR God is! The shirt does the hard part of sparking a conversation, but you get to live out Mark 16:15 and be a disciple. I pray that Jesus works through each and everyone of us to grow his Kingdom. 
  • Ella Eaves

    Hi! My name is Ella Eaves, and I’m the artist behind most of our designs! I've just graduated high school, and am on the road to figuring out where to go next. When my cousin, Libby, pitched me her idea, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I am a super creative person, and though I’d consider myself more of a writer, I have such a love for creating art as well. 
    If there is one thing I've learned throughout my life, it would be that I can do nothing apart from God. God is my strength. And to not share that hope with everyone and anyone, would be selfish of me. 
    In the bible, to disciple is not just a suggestion, but a command. And I pray that through this company, sharing the good grace of God would be our only goal. And that through our t-shirts and products, you would be able to do the same! :)